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A Scale That Motivates You To Get in Shape – The Withings Wifi Body Scale


A weight scale is a weight scale right? Step on, look at some sort of display that is either analog or even digital, and read your weight in pounds, kilograms, or stones. Simple product that would be hard to improve upon. That is what I thought until I saw the Withings Wifi Body Scale. The folks at this company took a simple product that no one thought could be improved upon, and improved it.

How it Works

With most scales, you put it on a flat surface, step on and read your weight. With the Withings scale there is a bit more setup involved. First thing you need to do is go to the Withings website and download the initiation software so that your computer can talk to you scale for the initial set up. Once this is downloaded and installed on your system, you use the included USB cable to connect your scale to your computer (Mac or PC). Form there the software you downloaded goes to work and walks you through the setup steps getting your age, height, and most importantly details of your wifi network in your house.

For this step you are going to need the name of your wifi network and the password to join that network.

Once all that is done the scale is good to go – you place it on a flat surface and step on it for the first time. The scale goes through its test, determining your weight, body fat, lean mass, and body mass index (a useless metric). Once complete the scale does its magic – it sends out the readings to the Withings website where it is updated for you.

Your Results Displayed

The scale communicates with the Withings servers and presents the results on your own password-protected area of their site. On this site you will see your weight, body fat, and lean body mass displayed neatly for you. You can see my owns personal results in the image below (click for a larger view):

The beauty is that all this happens behind the scenes – step on the scale in the morning and immediately the scale sends the data to the website so you can view it later and analyze your results.

iPhone App

There is also an good iPhone app that you can view your results on. It works very similar to the website, only formatted better for the iPhone. I actually find I use the iPhone App more than the website as I am out and about. Here is what the app looks like (not my results):

Twitter / Facebook Social Networking

If you were so inclined, you are also able to have the scale Tweet or Facebook your results each time you weight yourself. You would think that someone like me who blogs about his weight loss and fitness journey would be ok with this. However, I have not used it and don’t really like the idea of doing this. Maybe one day I will turn it on – but not right now!

The Body Fat Measurement

It is generally accepted out there that the body fat measurements done by these body fat scales using electro-impedence are not that accurate. However, I have found the results to be generally accurate, as compared to my BodPod results. That being said, I do see the normal swings in body fat from the morning to evening measurements, which is a result of my hydration levels. However, I use the scale at 5:00 am in the morning shortly (30 minutes) after waking up to try to manage out the variables. With these scales the number is not the most important thing – it is the trend. I want to see my body fat going down over a period of a few weeks.

Why The Scale Works for Me

One could argue that a norma body fat scale without the wifi feature could do the same thing, but I find the way the scale sends my data to the Withings website or iPhone app that I can track and analyze very motivating. I like to see the body fat go down and actually look forward to waking up in the morning to step on the scale. I do not worry too about the day-to-day fluctuations that I see, but love to see the longer term trends (now three weeks of reduced fat and weight). This is very motivating and rewarding.

If you are in the market for a new scale, I would recommend the Withings Wifi Body Scale. Just check out the reviews on Amazon and you will see the overall positive reviews.

Where to Get the Scale

I bought mine at the Apple store however I wished I had checked Amazon as the prices are definitely cheaper there.  You can view the positive reviews on the scale and buy with free shipping at Amazon.  Click here to read more.


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