Saturday, March 24th, 2018

A Year in Review Through Pictures


I can’t believe that it has been another year. From a fitness and health perspective this has been a very good year as I saw very good gains in my body recomposition. I thought I would write up a post that highlighted the year. I have found this to be a good reflection on what has worked and what has not worked. Bear with me as this post may be a bit disjointed as it is just going to be me throwing up on my keyboard as the stuff flows into my brain.


Let’s start with what has gone well and where I have seen good progress:

1. Started year at about 160 with about 16% body fat and dropped to a low of 142 pounds around March
2. Finished the year at 147 pounds and 10% body fat – this means I put on muscle and continued to lose fat
3. Did Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss with good success – very effective but not the easiest thing in the world!
4. Did Eat Stop Eat with good success – a gentler way to diet down
5. Learned that calories are most important but to manage calories properly I need to track and eat based on my eating protocol I developed (to be discussed in a later post)

Still Outstanding

Here are the areas I still need to work on, or that did not go as well:

1. Even though i have a very healthy body fat, I unfortunately have excess skin around my belly from my former fat boy (FFB) days that gives the appearance of fat – this will take time to lose (no Hollywood surgery for me!)
2. I gained some muscle, but those were newbie gains. To really put on muscle I was not eating enough, but since my focus was on dieting down that worked ok. Now that I am looking to put on 10 pounds of muscle mass in the next year, I will need to get over my hangups and eat more food.
3. There were days where I had no energy and my workouts were totally flat – I believe I was too low on calories at times and more importantly way too low on carbs. In 2011 I am going to learn to use carbs as fuel for muscle growth and power workouts. I will not be scared of them any longer.

I will outline my goals in subsequent self-experiment posts (stay tuned-rss link). In the meantime, here are my progress pics though the year.

To finish off, I need to send a shout out to the Internet fitness celebrities that helped me through blogging, posts and articles. In no particular order, thanks go out to:

Kevin Larabee at The Fit Cast
Tony Gentilcore
Jason Ferruggia
Lyle McDonald
Leigh peele
Martin Berkhan
Lonnie Lowery and crew at Iron radio
Shelby Starnes

Thanks to all of them for their help and guidance through the year via podcasts, blog posts, and articles.

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