Sunday, February 18th, 2018

The #1 MOST Important Diet Lesson You Will Ever Learn

With Digital Weight Loss, you can save up to 20% on today’s best digital fat and weight loss products.  Learn how to get a ripped chest, flat belly, and the abs you have struggled to get at substantially less than normal prices.  Check out our deal on The Truth About Six Pack Abs on Digital Weight Loss. The BEST Way to Eat a Truly Healthy Diet for a Lean Body and Disease Prevention by... [Read more]

The Best Pre and Post Workout Meals Explained

I consider my pre and post workout meals to be a very important part of my training program.  I know full well that at the end of the day, as long as I am eating a balanced meal with enough calories to support muscle growth (like my current muscle building objective) that is really all that matters.  Alan Aragon has convinced me an many others of that. However, after a few months of research... [Read more]

Important – The Only Exercise Bike You Need is an Airdyne Exercise Bike

Bar none, one of the biggest contributors to my strength increases and cardio performance has been the Airdyne Exercise Bike.  Every morning when I do the Rise n’ Shine program at 2110 Fitness, we always include a portion on these upright bikes.  These things are absolutely amazing. Ignoring the fact that we do call them the “Satan Cycle” at times because they can give such... [Read more]

My Diet to Add Muscle for The Next 5 Months (or how to Manage the Former Fat Boy Syndrome)

As you know from my writing on Digital Weight Loss, I am just a guy trying my best to lose fat and build some muscle.  In fact, I do not profess to know that much about losing fat or gaining muscle.  However, one thing I can talk about is my experiencing using different techniques that will hopefully help others who are trying to fight the same battles. That being said, one of the best things... [Read more]

Update on the Outsourcing of My Nutrition

As I wrote about a couple of days ago, I have outsourced both my nutrition and training to take my own biases and views out of the equation. This has provided me with a clear course of action on both fronts and the results have been great. Today I am getting another BodPod test so the results will be in the pudding so to speed. Two Clear Nutrition Profiles for ME It has been very clear to... [Read more]