Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Greg Hayes from Live Fit Blog provides this guest post about the top three apps for fitness and weight loss.

There are literally hundreds of tools out there to track workouts. The most obvious is a simple pen and paper. I would say that this is certainly the most common (next to not tracking at all). However, given my obsession with tech that just won’t do for me. My platform of choice is the iTouch. [...]

Today I re-started the 100 Pushup Challenge using the iTouch App, 100 Pushups. This app is a simple little app that basically takes its user through a series of workouts over a 6-week period to reach the goal of doing 100 consecutive good form pushups. Today I did my initial test and competed a total [...]

This week I am traveling for business. I thought this would be a perfect time to try on the the apps I have on my iTouch to help with my workouts. I have been using the Wii EA Sports Active at home to help get some of my workouts in, but while traveling I obviously [...]

When I bought my iTouch a few years ago I never thought it would have an impact on my fitness level and ultimately weight.  With the invention of the apps store on iTunes the way I workout has changed for the better. If you go do a search on iTunes right now for fitness you [...]