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Daily Burn Has Helped me Cut Calories and Lose Weight


Daily Burn HeaderI have been on a weight loss and fitness program since around July 2009. At first I was intensely focused on ensuring I was getting enough cardio and exercise into my day. However, after regularly reading blogs like Fitness Black Book, Adonis Lifestyle, Mark’s Daily Apple, and Brad Pilon I have begun to realise that although exercise is important, it is the food I eat that makes the difference.

About 1.5 years ago I moved from Canada to Norway on an expatriate assignment with my employer, and have been able to enjoy the benefits of riding my mountain bike to and from work every day. It is a 24 kilometer round trip and takes a combined total of about 60 – 65 minutes. Even with a pretty diligent running program as well, I was only able to take my weight down from around 200 pounds (I didn’t actually measure because I was in denial) to 170 pounds. This weight dropped really quickly, but I was not able to break that 170 pound barrier. I realised that I had to do something different to break that “plateau”.

Using blogs like the ones mentioned above, it was clear that what is more important than all the cardio and exercise in the world was the food I put in my stomach. More importantly, it was all about calories and keeping them LOW. In fact, I have been able to cut about 10 pounds since realizing how important calories are to the weight loss and fitness equation.

Being the digitally focused guy that I am, I knew I needed to find a tool that would help me keep track of those calories electronically. At first I was using an iPhone app called Tap & Track. It was doing the job, especially because it was the only iPhone app I found that didn’t require a Wi-Fi connection to get food details. However, over time it was clear that the app was not enough as I wanted more functionality in the tracking of my food intake.

In early March, even before I seriously started tracking calories I signed up for a site called Gyminee. I used it only to try it and keep track of my biking and running progress. I gave up using it because it was really not doing anything for me at that time. As I realised that Tap and Track was not working as well as I wanted, I remembered Gyminee and reading somewhere that they had changed their name to Daily Burn and had also started to include nutritional tracking. This has been a godsend and has allowed me to diligently and accurately track exactly how many calories, carbs, and proteins I consume each and every day. The overall results have been very positive. Here is a chart from Daily Burn that shows my progress:

Dialy Burn Oct 29

Here is some details on how the nutrition details I track look. In my opinion, the best part is that I can set limits (high and low) and the system alerts me to when I am in our outside of this limits. The only way to really know how much you eat is to really track it. How I track it will be a topic of another post.

Daily Burn Nutrition Oct 2009

I also have the companion app on my iTouch so I am able to be mobile with the tracking. So far so good on this weight loss digital tool. I will continue to let you know how it goes.


3 Responses to “Daily Burn Has Helped me Cut Calories and Lose Weight”
  1. I always monitor my Calories when i eat. I make sure that i dont eat foods that are very high in carbohydrates or foods with very high calories.

  2. I am very conscious about my Calorie intake when eating. I usually restrict my Calorie intake so as not to gain weight and also i am into a low carb, low fat diet.


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