Saturday, March 24th, 2018

How I Use Evernote to Track My Workouts


There are literally hundreds of tools out there to track workouts. The most obvious is a simple pen and paper. I would say that this is certainly the most common (next to not tracking at all). However, given my obsession with tech that just won’t do for me.

My platform of choice is the iTouch. It started out as just a way to listen to music or podcasts while I worked out but has evolved over time. Although I still use it to listen to podcasts and right now Iron Maiden is pumping me up, I have really started to use it to keep track of every workout.

I have tried a lot of the various exercise tracking apps available on iTunes, but for each of them I found that they were not always exactly as I wanted them to be. I had to force my tracking process to their way of doing it. The iFitness and Flex Workout apps both have their pluses, but I just find that I spend too much time fiddling around with them to make them work for me.

One app that I have used for a long time is Evernote. Evernote allows users to capture, save and easily retrieve all of those notes, web clips, links, and anything else you want to remember on computers and mobile devices. It only recently occurred to me that I could use it to track my workouts.

It is very simple really. For each upcoming workout I add to the top of an existing entry with the date, routine, and starting weight. As I move through the workout I add the successful weights and reps. Since pictures speak a thousand words, here is a screenshot from my log:

Click to Enlarge

As you can see, I am doing a StrongLifts 5×5 routine right now and on Sunday Sept 5 I had a fail on the Overhead press where I was only able to squeeze out 4 at 55 pounds as opposed to my planned 5. The next day I was scheduled to do the overhead press I new that I needed to try again at 55 pounds. Simple.

So, if you are looking for a way to track your workouts in a very easy way, and one that you can sync between your iPhones, iTouches, or iPads then Evernote is certainly worth a look.


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