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Important – The Only Exercise Bike You Need is an Airdyne Exercise Bike


Bar none, one of the biggest contributors to my strength increases and cardio performance has been the Airdyne Exercise Bike.  Every morning when I do the Rise n’ Shine program at 2110 Fitness, we always include a portion on these upright bikes.  These things are absolutely amazing.

Ignoring the fact that we do call them the “Satan Cycle” at times because they can give such an intense and hard workout, they really are the only exercise bike I would ever consider purchasing again.

Benefits of the Airdyne Exercise Bike to My Fitness

The Airdyne Exercise Bike

For me and the other people I work out with, the key benefits that we have (and you will) received by using an Airdyne exercise bike are increase strength and higher cardio performance.

For example, looking back to our workout this morning where we had a number of newbies come to the class, those of us who have been using the “Dynes” constantly way outperformed those who had been working out but had not used these upright exercise bikes.  Speaking with these people (some who had done crossfit and other intense training programs) the only thing missing was the work on the Airdyne’s.

The Airdyne’s have contributed greatly to my current strength and cardio performance!

That is why I personally recommend that anyone consider buying one of these bikes for their own performance.  I have now ordered one for home and cannot wait to use it.

Increased Strength

When people think of exercise bikes they never think about increasing strength.  I never did.  However, the way the Airdyne Exercise Bike is designed makes it very good at building strength.  The reason both the fan

The Airdyne Exercise Bike Progressive Resistance Comes from the Fan

and the handle bars.

The handle bars are pretty self-explanatory.  Most exercise bikes leave you arms doing nothing, so simply adding in a couple of handles where you get to incorporate your chest, back, shoulder, biceps, and triceps is a huge benefit.  However, it is not as simple as just moving some handles back and forth.

The real benefit of the Airdynes is that the resistance is progressive so the harder you push the harder it gets, which works directly with progressive resistance principles.  As you pedal and move the handle bars back and forth, the huge fan at the front of the bike spins and cuts through the air.  The faster your spin the more resistance is created.

So, the strength benefits come in as you progress and the resistance gets harder.  I will tell you from personal experience that both the pedals and handle bars can feel like 1000 pounds and it is all you can do to keep spinning.  I have gotten stronger because of this.

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Way Improved Cardio 

From a calorie burning and cardiovascular perspective, nothing beats the Airdyne.  According to my Go Wear Fit, I burn around 200 – 200 calories in a 20 minute intensive workout using just the bike.

I won’t get to much into the cardio as it is pretty self-explanatory.  You will get your heart rate up and you will push the limits of your lungs.  Do this enough and your body has to adapt and get more efficient at using oxygen.

Personally, I have been able to build up where I can get about 300 – 400 watts for 5 minutes which is pretty good IMO.  As a result of this improved cardio I am able to sled push faster and farther, rope bull heavier, and just get more work done in a shorter amount of time.

Don’t get me wrong – I am no machine – but this morning it was very clear that I am in good shape and the Airdyne Exercise Bike is a huge contributor to that.

A Couple Downsides of the Airdyne

So it probably sounds like I am pushing this thing way too much and you have that sales’y feeling happening.  I do think this is the best exercise bike money can buy, but there are a few things you should

Airdyne is Not This Loud, But it is Louder than Other Bikes

know before you drop your hard earned money.

First, the think can get freakin’ loud.  As the resistance gets higher (i.e. you pedal and push faster) the fans get loud.  The wind that the fan generates is loud but it also cools you down.  However, if it is going to be in your main icing area where everyone watches TV this is not the best bike choice for you.

Second, although this thing is built like a tank, as you get stronger and able to push harder, the bike will take some maintenance to keep it working.  That just means tightening screws and oiling the chain from time to time.  This bike is designed to be worked hard but that means it still needs some maintenance.

My Favorite Workout with the Airdyne

Ever heard of the Tabata protocol?  It is the opposite philosophy from the “long and steady” cardio camp.  Think high intensity interval training.  Essentially you go all out for a period of time followed by a rest period.  The consensus from those in the know is that high intensity cardio burns more fat than lower intensity, up to 50 percent more according to some, and your metabolism stays higher for a longer time after your workout.  You can read all about HIIT by checking out Craig Ballantyne’s stuff.

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My workouts go like this (based on Tabata):

  • 5 minutes of warm-up
  • 8 intervals of 20 seconds all-out intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest
  • 2 minutes cool-down
Do this three times per week for four weeks and let me know if you DON’T see huge gains in strength and cardio fitness.
Here is an awesome demonstration of this – but will probably be too hard for most beginners.


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I have recently purchased by own Airdyne Exercise Bike for the house and do not regret it.  My wife love it and even my 10 year old is able to work on it for his skiing.

If you are considering a piece of exercise equipment for your house and are thinking about treadmills or ellipticals, I would strongly recommend you consider the Airdyne’s instead.  Just head over to Amazon to read all the positive reviews (as of right now 117 out of 155 rated 4 or 5 stars).

I bought mine on Amazon and it was way cheaper than any of the stores in town here.

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