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Fitness Training Weight Loss and Strength Training Ebooks


In the age of the internet, there is a phenomenon that is holding many people back. I say that because it has held me back for a long time. I have seen the results in my own fitness training weight loss. I am certain my results could have been better to this point if I had recognized this sooner. This phenomenon is the search for that illusive next best program that will be the silver bullet to your own fitness training weight loss goals.

The Problem: The Marketing of Online Programs

There are so many programs available online, with what seems to be a new one every week. Many of these programs are great and can help people with their fat loss goals (or muscle-building goals). The problem is not with the programs themselves.

The problem is with the marketing of these programs

Every time a new fitness training weight loss ebook comes out the blogosphere bands together to intensly market and sell the new ebook or online program. And each and every time this new strength training ebook is described as the next best thing; the answer to all your fat loss and body recomposition problems. It is very easy to fall for the hype, sign up for that new program and be insanely motivated for the next couple of weeks as you start that new program and dial in your nutrition and lifting to match the methodology outlined in the ebook.

And then you check your Google Reader and there is a push on the internet for a new fitness training weight loss ebook that sounds awesome with a clear call to action to buy the program and answer all your fat loss and muscle building problems with this new revolutionary program that promises to change your life. You buy the ebook and drop that last program and start this new better one.

And the cycle continues….

The Issue Is a Lack of Focus

The problem with the new program cycle is that at no point do you allow the program to do the work it was designed to do. That is the key here – each of these fitness training weight loss programs that you buy on the internet can and probably will work. However, that will only happen if you follow the program as outlined and follow it for at least 6-months to get the benefits.

Most (not all) of the online ebooks being sold for fat loss and body recomposition can and will work if you let them. However if you do not focus on that one program and instead jump from fitness training weight loss program to program you will spin your wheels constantly and not get there.

How to Use Online Resources

The key, as already alluded to, is to pick a program you want to follow, and stick with it for at least six months. Really work the fitness training weight loss program to the tee and follow the instructions exactly as outlined in the ebook. Let is do its work. At the end of six months if you are seeing the results you expected, great.

If at the end of the six months you are not seeing the results, check to make sure you are doing everything as outlined in the book. If you are sure you are following it to a tee, then the program is not for you and now it is a good time to find a better program for you.

Which Programs to Focus On

As I look back at the fitness training weight loss programs and online resources I have purchased in the past, there are two nutrition programs that really stick out that have worked very well for me and provided me with the foundation to see positive gains.

The first is Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss. This fitness training weight loss program was the quickest and safest way to lose a lot of the initial weight really fast. It provided me with the best foundation with which to build on and get in better shape. It spells out exactly what you need to do to see fat loss (not muscle loss) over a very specific amount of time and then how to transition out to a maintenance or regular diet plan.

The second ebook is Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat. This program provides a very simple to follow method for managing your weight without getting into too much detail with respect to counting calories, macros, or meal timing. Essentially, a couple of times a week you do a 24-hour fast where you consume no calories. This fitness training weight loss method has provided me with a very easy way to manage weight.

In terms of a strength training ebooks I actually don’t have one to recommend. The reason is that the ones I have seen are really based around diet as that is the most important factor to losing fat and getting ripped. The above two ebooks will help you with that. There are number of free resources available online that can help you build an effective program. Check out Max-OT or Layne Norton’s Power/Hypertrophy Routine. Both of these are designed to put on some muscle, if you have your diet in check. There is enough free stuff available that you do not need strength training ebooks to see results. Just focus on the fitness training weight loss ebooks focused on weight loss and you will be set up.

A final recommendation on the exercise front is to find a gym like a cross-fit facility that does all the exercise selection for you. My gym has three times a week metabolic conditioning program that adapts as I do. Cross-fit facilities do the same.

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