Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Interval Training is Kickin’ My Ass


Fitness BikeI have started something new this week to intensify my workouts and really target in on fat loss. It is something that I have read a lot about on Fitness Black Book and I must admit that the shorter workouts are nice yet I still feel like I get a kick ass workout.

The program I am using to help guide these workouts is from Craig at Turbulence Training. Although this link is an affiliate link, I so far can attest that there is value in the package and I will see some strong results. Here is how the past two days of workouts looked:

Interval Training

1. Prisoner Squat – 15 repetitions
2. Jumping Jacks – 40 repetitions
3. Plank – 45 second hold
4. Stability Ball Leg Curl – 15 repetitions
5. Incline or Regular Pushups – 12 repetitions
6. Side Plank – 20 second hold per side
7. Sumo Squat – 15 repetitions
8. Inverted Row – 8 repetitions
- Rest 1 minute before repeating the circuit up to 2 more times.

By the end of the third set I was beat – I was sweating like a pig and my muscles felt fatigued. In my mind that is a good workout.

Interval Workout

1. Warm-up for 5 minutes.
2. Perform an interval by exercising for 2 minutes at a harder than normal cardio pace (at a subjective 8/10 level of intensity).
3. Follow that with “active rest” for 2 minutes by exercising at a slow pace (at a subjective 3/10 level of intensity).
4. Repeat for 4 intervals.
5. Finish with 5 minutes of a cool-down at a 3/10 level of intensity.

Although this is only phase 1 of the workout program, this felt good and really burned.

Overall, I am excited about starting this program in my trek to get fit, lose weight, and maybe one day be ripped.

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