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Kettlebell Exercises – Better Than Barbells?


KettlebellsAre you considering kettebell exercises and want to know how they compare to barbells? As you know, barbells are effective in getting the job done and you can’t go wrong with going with using them. But kettlebells may be a much better choice for bodybuilding exercises simply because they work out multiple parts of your body at once.

Barbell exercises focus on muscle isolation for growth. While it is effective, you are limited by time. Kettlebell exercises focus on swinging movements so you end up working out your core, buttocks, thighs, legs, and arms. This is the case for many of the exercises that you do with kettlebells.

Bodybuilding exercises also focus on muscle growth and aesthetics. Kettlebells involve your whole body so they can really help you build strength, endurance, and even agility. Many people that have tried using kettlebells after years of using barbells and dumbbells have commented that kettlebells were much more challenging.

If you want something much more dynamic and you feel that the conventional exercises with barbells and dumbbells are boring, kettlebells is the perfect choice. There are so many different exercises that you can do with this training equipment because the focus is not on isolation but rather on involving multiple parts of your body.

People using kettlebells saw that they had improved energy, strength, and endurance after a few weeks of training with kettlebells. That’s why kettlebells are a great choice if you are involved with anything from sports and other physical activities. You will have functional benefits from training.

Another reason why kettlebells are a great choice to work with is because it involves cardio in the exercise. You are building muscle as well as getting rid of fat. Research shows that exercising with them burns more calories than barbells. You have to remember that many bodybuilding exercises and programs focus on cardio separately. They separate the two and aim to maximize each aspect of working out.

Some programs have you doing cardio at the end of your body building exercises. In others, you have to focus on gaining mass and only work on cardio after you’ve reached your desired bulk. But kettlebell training can help you gain the muscle mass you want while getting rid of the excess fat so you don’t have to do either.

Many people have done traditional bodybuilding exercises have incorporated kettlebell exercises into their regimen for this very reason. You are essentially saving time and effort by working out with a kettlebell. The transition may be rough because kettlebells are more challenging but you will definitely see a big difference within a couple of weeks.

Overall, if you had to pick one strength training program, you should go with kettlebell exercises. They will help you work out multiple parts of your body, help get in the cardio you need during your exercise, help you build more strength and endurance, and you will find that it is much more challenging.

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