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Muscle Building Protocol #1: Lift Heavy Assz Weight and Eat


After getting my body fat and resting metabolic rate tested, I am all set up to start what I hope will be the first of many mini-experiments on myself to keep very close track of what training and nutritional protocols I respond best to.

The Starting Line

To do a proper study, one must know the starting point that results will be based off of. This study is starting on December 27,2010 and is based off of the following metrics, as tracked on my iPad. Here are the stats that I will be working from:

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The Finish Line

How will I know what success means for this muscle building protocol? That is simple, I will want to see some measurable weight gain, while seeing that my body fat does not go crazy. Much of my studying and research has told me that it is relatively easy to put on muscle – just eat your face off and even without working out you can put on some muscle. However, that is not what I want. I do what muscle, but I want it not at the expense of a lot of additional fat. At the end of the test I will have my body fat and weight tested once again so that I know that what I have been doing is working.


This protocol will last for 6-weeks, starting on December 27th to February 4th. I have to make an international trip to Norway at the end of January which may make tracking difficult, but I will endeavor to be consistent.

Calorie Regimen

Each of my experiment protocols are going to include a calorie and macronutrient profile of some sort. These are not going to differ too much since they are based on my Resting Metabolic Rate, as calculated at a recent test done at For this Muscle Building Protocol #1, here are the numbers I will be working from:

Maintenance: 1790(RMR) x 1.5(light office work) + 170(weight training) = 2855 calories burned per day

Additional Calories for Muscle Building: 300 calories

Daily Calories to test building muscle: 2855+300 = 3155 kcal

Macronutrient Regimen

Although I focus more so on the calories, I will also strive to hit a set macronutrient regimen. This regimen is based on the research laid out in in Power Eating, Third Edition and Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook.

Carbs: 5.5 x bodyweight (kg) = 374 grams = 1496 calories
Protein: 2.0 x bodyweight (kg) = 136 grams = 544 calories
Fat: Remaining calories = 3155 – 2040 = 1115/9 = 123grams = 1114 calories

However, to ensure that I get to live my life, not piss my wife off too much, and not go crazy I am going to have some flexibility in this. For example, my wife and I either order in on Friday nights or we go out. That will continue to happen. Also, we have Sunday extended family dinner which can vary greatly. The good thing about mass building is it required a higher number of calories (not excess calories) to build muscle so it is much easier to do these types of meals on a muscle building phase as opposed to a fat loss phase.

Supplement Regimen

Here is what my daily supplements will look like:

1x multivitamin
3 grams fish oil
calcium & vitamin d
Green Tea

Lifting Regimen

My lifting regimen is displayed in the image below, and is a 4 day per week program. Since I am looking for muscle hypertrophy, for each exercise I will be doing 4 sets of 8-12 reps, with 2 – 3 minute rest between each set. I want to ensure that my workouts are under 60 minutes since I workout in the morning and need to get to work on time!

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I look forward to seeing how this self-experiment goes and that I can put on some good muscle. I will let you know the results as they progress.


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  1. Greg says:

    Looks like an interesting experiment. I’ll be interested to see how it works out for you. And I love the added comment about making sure you get to live your life; and of course not tick off the wife too bad. :-)


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