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My 5 Favorite iTouch (iPhone) Fitness and Weight Loss Apps


iPhone AppsWhen I bought my iTouch a few years ago I never thought it would have an impact on my fitness level and ultimately weight.  With the invention of the apps store on iTunes the way I workout has changed for the better.

If you go do a search on iTunes right now for fitness you will get back a whole schwack of different apps – some free and some not.  I have tried a number of them and at this point have landed on 4 that I use consistently and have a positive impact on my workout and weight loss experience.

How They Have Changed How I Work Out

The first and most beneficial aspect to the iTouch apps is the organisational aspect they provide.  On one little device, I am able to hold the music and podcasts that I want to listen to when working out, but it also allows me to store and access information and workout programs that allow me to be more efficient in my workouts.

For example, with the 100 Pushups app, I can be anyware (my iTouch is always with me) and get my pushup workout in.  With respect to running, I simply enter in the number of kilometers I need to run for the day the night before and when I am ready to go at lunch I turn Nike+ on and away I go.

The other organisational benefit to my fitness and weight loss goals is that the programs automatically keep track of my workouts so that I have a good summary of the activities, times, distances, reps, etc. that I have completed.  Overall, they have been a time-saver.

My 5 Favorite iTouch (iPhone) Fitness and Weight Loss Apps

I say iTouch with the iPhone in brackets because all of these apps will obviously work on both devices. If you are like me and get a mobile phone from your company then the iPhone may not be a possibility so we have to “settle” for the iTouch.

The following 5 apps are the ones that I am using the most right now.  This list can change as I find new apps.

100 Pushups

Simply put, this little app guides the user through a series of workouts on the road to completing 100 continuous pushups.  It is simple in its goal yet effective.  I am doing this program because of the benefits the pushup has on fitness ability – it works out many parts of your body at once.  In addition, how cool would it be to say you could complete 100 pushups in a row!

200 Situps

Written by the same people as the 100 Pushups program, the 200 Situps program once again guides you through a program that will prepare you for the task of completing 200 pushups in a row.  I thought this was a good balance with the pushup program.  I used to hate doing ab work.  This program has provided me with a concrete goal and so far some results (no six pack but I can feel that my midsection is stronger).

With both the 100 Pushups and 200 Situps app, my only beef is that I believe the interface could be designed a little better.  When I first started using it I was slightly confused on how to record the workouts.  However, after I figured out how it all went together there has been no issues since. Calorie Tracker

It works by establishing a calories per day goal based on your height, weight, and your activity levels.  With that goal in mind and presented strongly within the app, you record what you eat during the day and the app keeps track of the calories.  With this, you can see where you may be over or under your calorie counts.  You can also see your problem areas.

The biggest problem I have with the Calorie Tracker is that you need to be connected to Wifi or your cell network to get the calorie data.  Not a huge issue for me, but a pain if I am away from WiFi for any real length of time.


I spoke about this project earlier.  In this post I am going to refer to the specific app that the Nike+ places on your iTouch.  Every time I run my iTouch comes with me.  Having an app on the device that guides my running workouts has been great.

As I mentioned above, I simply enter in the running workout I am going to be doing that day and a voice comes through the speakers updating me on my progress and how much further I have to go.

When I am back home, I plug the iTouch into iTunes and that syncs my latest workout with the Nike+ website where I am then able to track my runs and see my progress.  It all works very well.

The one thing that I have found that I do not like is that there is no way to upload a coaching program through Nike+ onto the iTouch.  On the Nike+ website you can get a training program – a 10-K program for example – and then print that program out and follow it on your path to completing a 10-K race.  It would be very nice if you could upload that program to your iTouch and all the runs would be on your decive, taking you through the whole program from start to finish.  Even better would be a coach talking to you through the deive tell you to speed up or slow down depending on your pace and just providing encouragement along the way.


Fitness is more of a database of weight-lifting exercises than anything else.  It does allow you to track the exercises you complete in terms of reps and weight but the real value I have found is providing me with suggestions for weight-lifting exercises that I can do to keep changing things up.  As we all know, you need to keep your body guessing and the best way is to change up your workout program from time to time.

There are hundreds of exercises listed with full instructions and images on how to complete them in proper form.  A user can also add their own exercises to the database if there is one they like that is not listed.  Overall, this has been a pretty useful app.

What Are Your Favorite Fitness and Weight Loss Apps

Those are the iTouch apps I have been using regularly lately.  However, I am always on the lookout for more so please use the comments section to let me know what suggestions you have!


4 Responses to “My 5 Favorite iTouch (iPhone) Fitness and Weight Loss Apps”
  1. I’ve looked at the iPhones for quite some time, debating adding one to my arsenal. I’ve only recently started using the livestrong site, and could definitely see the advantage of being able to track that stuff from a mobile.

  2. admin says:

    The thing with the iTouch or iPhone is that once you use it, you wonder how you ever got along with out it!

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks for the 100pushups/200pushups mention. Just curious if you’ve upgraded to the latest version of the apps with the new-look interface?

    Appreciate the review,



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