Sunday, February 18th, 2018

My Experience with the GoWear Fit


As I wrote about earlier in the year, I splurged and bought myself a GoWear Fit to help in my quest to see my abs! I had been actively counting my calories for the past 6-months so I knew what was going in, however I had relied on things like the BMR calculators to tell me what my calorie expenditure should be. Like all things, I was never totally comfortable with this approach because it was so generic I wanted to better understand how much energy I used during a given day.

That is where the GoWear Fit came in to play.

What is a GoWear Fit

For those of you who do not know, the GoWear Fit is a devise that you wear on your arm that records the energy your body expends and calculates that as a “calorie out” value.

In other words, you wear this device around your upper arm and it measures things like heart rate, body temperature, movement, sleep, etc. to calculate the number of calories you have burned during the day.

GoWear Fit Online

To get the calorie data out of the device, you need to subscribe to the BodyMedia site – the people who sell the device. Once registered and paying the monthly fee (I bought the package with 12-months included) you can plug your GoWear into your computer and it then downloads the data to the web and reports it back to you.

As you can see from the image above, it tracks a number of things such as how long you slept, how many steps you took in the day, and of course how many calories you spent.

You will also notice that there was a place to enter the number of calories you ate in a day. As a dedicated DailyBurn user, I did not want to start using this as it has taken me months to get DailyBurn programmed the way I like it (with my foods, recipes, etc.). Luckily, the BodyMedia site allows you to simply enter a calorie number for the daily. My deficit on this particilar day was 692.

Is It Accurate

I must admit that although the GoWear Fit gives a precise number of calories burned, one never really knows how accurate it is. Unless we are using $1000+ calorie measurement tools then we may never know (I am not even sure if scientists can actually get precise measurements). However, even if we build in a 10 – 20% error factor into the numbers then we are that much closer to understanding our own personal expenditures. It is the trends that are important as opposed to the exact numbers.


Overall, I have found the GoWear to be very benefical. It has given me a solid understanding of the calories I burn in a typical day. I also can see the impact of excercise on the calorie count – every little bit helps. The best part is that I can now more precisly manage the calories in / out ratio to experiment with what leads me to the quickest and best fat loss. Combined with my body fat measurement tools, scales, etc. I feel better in control of the variables that go into fat loss.

Would I recommend the GoWear Fit? I would, at least for a period of 2 – 3 months so you can see how you measure over a period of time. Once you know your expenditure as an average, it probably will not change that much so wearing the device of years on end probably will not get you anywhere. However, I have found it invaluable in my own persoanl understanding of my own fat loss.


3 Responses to “My Experience with the GoWear Fit”
  1. mac says:

    Thanks for the update on this. I’m particularly interested because I’m working out like a fiend but not dropping much weight these days. So either my calorie count in from food is off, or my calorie count out from exercise is off. Actually it’s probably both. But this may solve one half of the problem.


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