Saturday, March 24th, 2018

My Goals for the Transformation Contest #7


ZZ2D24058AGood workout this morning – day 5 of TT 2K10 which is more stretching than anything. I was really feeling the workouts I did this week so the extra day of stretching was needed. This Turbulence Training program is amazing and I like having it all laid out for me.

Usually Friday nights can be a problem from a diet perspective. My wife and I like to totally kick back, order some take out and watch some TV and / or movies. We still did that, except that I ordered the small hamburger and fries and fries instead of the large one and then had one of those 100 calorie chocolate bars. Friday nights are cheat nights but I have set a goal to still enjoy the cheat meals but instead of going whole hog all night, I have a special meal and sweet snack and that is it. Based on my calorie calculations I ended up at 1376 – keep in mind this was an Eat Stop Eat day so my calorie count was supposed to be this low for the day.

Just going through my previous posts and I noticed that I have not written about my goals for the contest. Here they are:

Short Term – all by April 9, 2010

1. Weight: 137 – 143 pounds
2. BF %: 9 – 11%
3. To work through 3 full TT workouts for the 12 week program
4. To track my progress weekly with body measurements
5. To take a progress picture once every two weeks
6. To ESE twice per week (Tuesday & Friday)
7. To track my calories and eat no more than 2100 calories per day 95% of the time
8. To control my Friday night cheat by keeping the meal within my chosen calorie limits for the day

Bought another gadget today – the Tanita InnerScan Body Composition Monitor. If you want to ensure you see that post, please be sure to sign up to my RSS feed.

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