Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Online Coaching Results Update


As posted last time, I have acquired the services of an online coach to help me with the diet portion of my program. So far the results have been great!

The services I have signed up for is from Troponin Nutrition, using the coaching services of Shelby Starnes. It will be no secret that the protocol that Shelby teaches is that of carb cycling. In a a real brief nutshell, on weight training days I eat more carbs than other days. However,
that simplifies it way too much. What Shelby has been very good at is watching my bodies reaction to the protocol and adjusting as necessary. He also has me on a specific cardio program that seems to be helping with the fat loss.

There are a lot of great free resources available on the web that describes the carb cycling method. You can see some here ad here. I have to admit, that the worst part of the program is the planning that needs to go into the meals as well as the dedication required to be consistent. Much to my wife’s chagrin, I have not deviated from the program at all meaning that no cheat meals, restaurant meals, or anything that is not within the confines of the program. From a long term perspective that is not going to fly as I need to be sure I have some variety as well as not be a social misfit, however the program has taught me the type of eating that my body responds to best from a fat loss perspective.

Here are some progress pictures from the past 3.5 weeks. As you can see my midsection has tightened up a bit:

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