Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Recent Body Fat Testing and RMR Test Results


I recently just had some professional fitness tests completed, and the results were fascinating! The two tests that I had completed were a body composition test (aka body fat measurement) and resting metabolic rate (RMR) test.

Body Composition Test

I had been measuring my body fat at home using two methods, and obviously I really had no idea if the results were accurate or not. The first method I used was my body fat scale from Tanita BC533 Glass Innerscan Body Composition Monitor. Based on my research on these products, I knew that the results would be shitty, but I really had no idea. The results were way off. However, one nice thing about the scale is that they tend to show the trend in body fat. If my body fat was going down it showed that, and visa versa.

The second at home body fat testing I was doing was with my Warrior Digital Body Fat Caliper and OrbiTape Body Tape Measure. The results from using these two tools was much more accurate, and I would recommend that anyone use them.

This leads us to the professional body fat test I had completed. I was really looking to get a BodPod or DEXA scan test done, but was unable to find either of those in my city. As such, I then went on the hunt for a highly qualified and experienced manual body fat tester. I landed on using Cory at TCR Sport Lab based on feedback and the sheer number of tests he has completed in his career (this is important – the more experienced the tester the better).

Cory uses a 7-site body fat test with calipers. The results for me were quite good, and beyond what I expected. I measured a 9.97% body fat. This is deceiving on my body as a former fat boy I have a good deal of loose skin around my abdomen which tends to hide the abs. My legs, back, arms, and chest however are very lean. Damn male genetics! Here are the results:

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I plan to have this test done every 6-weeks or so while continuing to use my Warrior calipers to test in between. This will help me stay on track and test my program and nutrition.

RMR Test

The RMR Test is an easy test, but requires some pretty complicated equipement to have it done. Essentially the tester hooks you up to a breathing tube, you lean back, watch a movie or close your eyes, and just breath for 30 minutes. While you do this, a machine hooked up to a computer measures the gases you release in your breathing to calculate your resting metabolic rate. Essentially, it is measuring how many calories you burn in a day, just sitting around.

This was a great test to have done as I had always been guessing using the various formulas on the web that calculated RMR. This allowed me to medically calculate what my rate of calorie expenditure is. The interesting thing is that the results are very close to the standard calculation of body weight times 11. The results from my test were that I burned 1790 calories per day.. With this number I can now plan my diet out with better accuracy.

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I am very glad that I spent the money to get both of these tests done. The best benefit is that I have taken the guesswork out of the process, especially my RMR. I can now dial in my diet much better now. I look forward to using this data and improving my fitness and body comp.

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