Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Riding My Bike to Work Every Day


My BikeI would never have known it before it happened, but ever since I moved to Norway there has been one benefit that has been awesome for my fitness level.  Each and every day I get to ride my bike to work.

To be totally honest, it is a great part of my day.  It totally wakes me up and then allows me to wind down and switch from that intense work guy to fun to be around super dad and husband (most of the time!).

The Route

The route I take is 10.5 kilometers each way which when I first started took me about 40 minutes.  After a year of riding I have been able to cut that time down to between 32 and 34 minutes depending on the wind and how much energy I have.  The best part (although I don’t always think so) is that the route is not flat, but rather has a nice combination of real steep intense hills which require me to mash up out of my saddle and longer hills that brings a wicked burn to the quads.

My Bike

Ahhhh my sweet ride – it is the one in the picture above.  I decided to go with a mountain bike because they are more versatile.  There are a lot of great trails around my house and a road bike or even a hybrid just wouldn’t be able to cut it.  It is a locally made bike by a company called Bike Brothers.  It is light, quick, and very comfortable to ride. I love it.

The Effects on My Weight

My daily rides are all about burning calories and using my heart and leg muscles which I have found to be a positive influence on both my weight and leg strength.  At first I found that I lost a lot of weight with these rides, simply because I was burning all those additional calories every day.  However, now that I do it every day my body has adapted and rather than continuing to lose weight I have been able to keep my weight relatively stable.  I have added running (for a future topic) and some other activities to keep things new and my body guessing.

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One Response to “Riding My Bike to Work Every Day”
  1. Vava says:

    I’m with you! I’ve been riding my bike to work (and everywhere, really) for longer than I can remember. It’s the only way to get around, as far as I’m concerned.

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