Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Starting to Work with a Coach – Online


I have finally done something that I have been contemplating doing for a long time now. I have always reached out and looked for advice on how to lose fat and gain muscle on the internet through such amazing tools as Rapid Fat Loss and Turbulence Training. However, as I move forward it has become more and more clear that what I really need is tailored and specific nutrition advice from a real professional.

I am not at liberty to say yet as I have not asked the coach for permission to present that on this site, but I will say that he is an accomplished bodybuilder and a very accomplished coach with a number of successful client transformations under his belt.

By way of an update on my own progress, I have found that I have been able to lose some body fat over the past few months and even put on a bit of muscle mass by focusing on the big compound lifts (squat, deadlift, press, bench, and chins) with a little assistance work in there. However, I know I could do better with some dedicated and specific advice rather than the hunt and peck method I have been using to design my own nutritional program. Eating well is easy, but eating for true performance is turning out to be a bit tougher and I want more help.

To solidify things a bit, here is my current pics at the start of this coaching program. I hope as the weeks go on I will be able to show some real performance.

November 9th stats:
Weight: 149 pounds
BF% (Tanita): 16.7%

You can see my progress with some older (but not as clear) shots of me here.

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