Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Today I re-started the 100 Pushup Challenge using the iTouch App, 100 Pushups. This app is a simple little app that basically takes its user through a series of workouts over a 6-week period to reach the goal of doing 100 consecutive good form pushups. Today I did my initial test and competed a total [...]

This week I am traveling for business. I thought this would be a perfect time to try on the the apps I have on my iTouch to help with my workouts. I have been using the Wii EA Sports Active at home to help get some of my workouts in, but while traveling I obviously [...]

When I bought my iTouch a few years ago I never thought it would have an impact on my fitness level and ultimately weight.  With the invention of the apps store on iTunes the way I workout has changed for the better. If you go do a search on iTunes right now for fitness you [...]

I was in Berlin this past weekend and made a new purchase to include in my digital weight loss toolkit.  It is the Nike+ and I did my first run with it at lunch today.  So far I have to say that I am impressed. How the Nike+ System Works To best describe the Nike+ [...]