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Amazing TRX Workouts that Help You Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

The Definitive Guide to TRX Workouts

I have used TRX workouts to lose 50 pounds and get stronger and I strongly believe that you could benefit as well. If you buy a TRX for your home and stick to a program for three days per week you will get stronger and lose weight.

This page is the Definitive Guide to TRX Workouts.  You will find detailed information on the TRX as well as good suggestions on various exercises and workouts you can complete to get in shape, lose fat, and even put on some muscle.

On this page you will find links to Amazon where you can find the best prices to on the TRX.  If you click them, I do get a commission on that (which you do not pay for).  However, it has been the best purchase I have made to see continuous results I am very confident that you will achieve similar results.

The benefits of the TRX are as follows:

  • Uses your bodyweight which can deliver quicker results to both muscle gain and fat loss than traditional weights and other workout equipement
  • Very portable – packs up in a small mesh bag so you can travel on business or vacation and have your workout at any time
  • Good for beginners as well as well trained, strong individuals.  Just by varying your body angle on the various exercises, you can make them easier or harder.  Especially important is that as you get stronger, you simply change the angle of your body and you can increase the resistance on your muscles to stimulate more strength and muscle growth.

Read more to learn about how to get started using the system for your own TRX workouts.

TRX Workouts

What Products Are Available for TRX Workouts?

The beauty of the TRX system is that there are not a lot of options for choosing the right equipment to complete your TRX workouts.  The main different that you will find in the various options of the TRX are primarily cosmetic in nature.  For example, on the TRX Force is different in that it is a brown colour as opposed to yellow and black.  In this section of the The Definitive Guide to TRX Workouts, we will look at the various products that are available and provide some advice on what you need to get started.

Required: TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack

TRX WorkoutsThe TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack is the base level unit which provides you with the basic items found in all TRX systems.  Within the package you will find the following components:

  • TRX Suspension Training P2 Model
  • 65-minute Basic Training DVD & full-color 35 page Workout Guide
  • PLUS 2 bonus workouts: TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast
  • TRX Mesh Carrying Bag

These are very basic items you need to complete TRX Workouts.  The main system of the TRX includes the bands with the handles that allow you to use the workouts.

Cost:  The best place to buy any TRX system is definitely online.  I have gone to many stores throughout the U.S. and Canada and have NEVER found the system cheaper than what is available online.  In fact, the best place to buy these systems is Amazon.  They do require a significant upfront investment, so it makes sense to find the cheapest source.

Click here to see the current low price available at for the TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack.

Required: Anchor System

TRX WorkoutsThe only problem with the TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack is that unless you are going to complete TRX Workouts using a tree or have some sort of cross-bar setup in your home you need something to attach the system to.

The way the TRX works is the top of the device needs to be attached to something sturdy that can hold your weight as you exercise.  If you don’t have a strong crossbar or a tree available, then you need one of two additional options to make your TRX Workouts effective.

The first option is what I usually recommend to people who want the most versatile and portable option.  Especially useful if you plan on traveling with your TRX and are looking to do TRX Workouts in hotel rooms, the TRX Door Anchor is an easy to use option that means that all you need is a door with good clearance in front of it.

Click here to buy both the TRX Suspension Pro Trainer and the Door Anchor together and save at least $10

The way the door actor works is that you place the larger end behind the door with the strap coming out the other side, then close the door.  Attach the TRX Suspension Trainer to hook end and you are good to go.  The TRX is now anchored properly and you will have a sturdy base to do your TRX Workouts from.

Cost of TRX Door Anchor:  Again, the best place to buy the door anchor is online.  Amazon is always cheaper than the other online stores.  Many stores actually like to charge a premium for this accessory as they think they have you and to use the system you will more than likely need this

However, rather than buying the TRX Suspension Pro Trainer and Door Anchor separately, I actually tell people to buy them as a bundle.  Amazon sells both the door anchor and suspension trainer as a package for only slightly more than trainer itself.  Go for this option right off the bat and you will save about $10 – $20 on your purchase.

Click here to buy both the TRX Suspension Pro Trainer and the Door Anchor together and save at least $10

The TRX Workouts – A Few to Get You Started

If you buy the TRX systems from the links located throughout this article, you will get a DVD that includes some amazing workouts that will last you for a long time.  The included DVDs are built for beginners through to experts and really focus on building functional strength and muscle, all while losing fat.  To help you with your decision to buy a TRX, I have compiled a couple of TRX workouts that will show you what types of workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home.  To help even more, these are videos that show you the moves in detail.

50 Exercises by Coach Miletto

25 Best TRX Exercises

Avoiding TRX Training Errors

TRX Workouts
Using TRX To Build Endurance

TRX For MMA Conditioning

Build Bigger Back & Arm Muscles

Shoulder, Leg, Core Combo

TRX Door Anchor Upper Body Workout


I hope that I have been able to convince you that TRX Workouts are amazing at delivering results and are one of the most effective tools you can easily use at home to both build muscle and lose fat.

As far as Digital Weight Loss tools that I have looked at, this one may not be totally digital, but it has been revolutionary in the way it allows people to get maximum results with an easy to use and innovative package.

Click here to buy both the TRX Suspension Pro Trainer and the Door Anchor together and save at least $10