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The Digital Weight Loss & Fitness Weekly Roundup – August 17, 2009


Digital Weight Loss Weekly RoundupWelcome to the August 17th edition of what is a weekly roundup of quality posts from the blogosphere about fitness and weight loss. If you are new here (which is more than likely as my blog is brand new), please be sure to have a look at my About Me page to see what I am all about.

I am always on the lookout for interesting blogs, so if you have a suggestion please use the comments to let me know. In addition, if you are interested in trading links please email me at info [@] Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did!

How often to train for muscle growth?

Drinkin’ on the beach (and running too)

Over-use injuries, muscle imbalances, or alignment.

Farmer’s Markets: The Untold Story

The Moose Grind

4 Ways to Stay Motivated When You’ve a Long Way to Go

Report From Hell

2 lbs Gained & Weight Loss Constipation

What Do YOU Need to Get “Geared

How to Keep From Losing Workout Motivation

Why do you exercise?

The Easiest Healthy Breakfast You’ll Ever Make

Reduce Calories and Reduce Unnecessary Time Spent Working Out

Family Fitness

Weight Gain During Travel? I Don’t Think So!

What Are The Risks Of A High Fat Diet?

Who You Callin’ Stupid and Lazy?

More Equipment Updates

Trying to Go Faster

Six Pack Abs Are Not Hiding Under Your Body Fat

7 Fitness Faux Pas

Fitness and Men

Does the Nike+ Work??

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