Sunday, February 18th, 2018

The Truth About Six Pack Abs – Cash Back Discount


The Truth About Abs is currently the #1 weight loss guide on It has hundreds of thousands of customers and has been around for a few years.  I personally have used it with success.  The diet protocols work as does the workout regimens.

Key Info

Not just a bunch of Six Pack Abdominal Exercises, Flat Ab Workouts, How to Lose Belly Fat Fitness and Diet Articles or other fluff.  The EXACT steps you should use to eat the right food and workout in the rights way so that you are guaranteed success.

Regular Price: $39

Rebate from Digital Weight Loss: $7.80

Your Cost After Discount / Rebate: $31.20

What You Get

Here is what included in your package:

  • Information about which foods to avoid
  • Simple ways to increase daily movement of the body
  • Loads of foods that will increase your body’s potential to lose weight faster
  • Suggested food intake schedules
  • Exercise suggestions that are easy to follow
  • Targeting information about getting your mid-section in shape
  • Truth About Abs blueprint plans
  • Encouragement and insights into how the body works best

How to Get Your Rebate

Please follow these steps exactly so that yo ensure that you get your rebate and pay the lowest price on the web for The Truth About Six Pack Abs:

  • Make note of the the address of this website – you will need to come back to it later.
  • Clear your browser cookies.  This step is very important!
  • Restart your browser.
  • Click this < Total Six Pack Abs Link > so that Digital Weight Loss can be credited for your  paid edition of Total Six Pack Abs. It is IMPORTANT that you click the above link NOW even if you intend to sign up later in the future. This is because TSPA credits only the first affiliate’s link. So if you click somebody’s link and later you come back back to click my link, the other person will get credit for your sign up and not DWL and we will not be able to extend the discount to you. So please click my < Total Six Pack Abs Link > NOW.
  • Fill the Discount Roster Form on the < Rebate Request Form > page.
  • We’ll send the cash rebate on the first week of the following month 30 days after your purchase. As an example, if you subscribe in January, it will be sent the first week of March.  This allows us to ensure the product was not returned (it has happened!)