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Top Fitness and Nutrition Books You Need to Read


There are a number of top fitness and nutrition books that you should read.  However, the trouble (or fun) of getting in peak shape is that there are a million different theories on how to eat, how to get a ripped chest, how to put on muscle, how to lose weight, or just how to get healthy.

However, over the years I have realized that there are really a few solid theories out there that all other theories are based off of. The only way I was able to get to that understanding was through constant research and reading. I am not even close to being an expert, however I have built up a pretty good base of knowledge. Here are the books and resources I have used to do that.

Each of these books will be a good purchase, however the very first on I recommend by Susan Kleiner should be the starting point for anyone interested in learning how to eat to support a fitness routine.  Be it to lose weight, get a ripped chest, support your TRX workouts, or whatever then this book is the best place to start.

1.  Power Eating by Susan Kleiner - Click Here

Power Eating - Susan Kleiner

Power Eating - Susan Kleiner


















2.  Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook – Click Here

Sports Nutrition Guidebook - Nancy Clark


















3.  Beyond Brawn: The Insider’s Encyclopedia on How to Build Muscle & Might – Click Here

Beyond Brawn



















4.  Build Muscle Lose Fat Look Great: Everything You Need to Know to Transform Your Body

Build Muscle Lose Fat Look Great



















5.  Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition

Nutrient Timing



















6. Starting Strength (3rd edition)

Starting Strength (3rd Edition)
















Happy reading and good luck with your training and nutrition!


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  1. Mark Lee says:

    Thanks for providing such a good information.
    The best book on nutrition I have read by Dr.Ray Strand and is called Healthy For life.He also has a supportive website He teaches healthy nutritional and lifestyle changes that lead to healthy weight loss rather than a diet type approach.

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