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Top Three Apps For Fitness & Weight Loss


About the author: Greg Hayes is the author of a fitness blog, where he writes about fitting fitness into busy lives. To read more of his work, check it out at Live Fit Blog.

When I finally decided to get right with fitness and weight loss, I started with a very minimalistic approach. I acknowledged my competitive weakness and made running a solitary activity, choosing to even avoid wearing a watch, for fear that I would either become discouraged and quit, or injure myself in a rush to make rapid improvements.

I attribute some of my success to a willingness to stick with that approach through the first 6-12 months.

But, as I progressed from a goal of basic fitness to more advanced fitness goals, it became apparent I needed better tools for meeting my fitness and weight loss targets. In particular, I recognized a need to become more sophisticated about my eating habits and caloric expenditure. All of these things converged about the time the iPhone was released, and since I’m a bit of a technology junkie, I added one to my repertoire. Since then, I’ve tested a number of iPhone apps for fitness and weight loss. The following are the apps I’ve found to be most useful in helping me achieve those goals.

If you’re familiar with the website, you know LIVESTRONG.COM has a wealth of information for the health conscious. For my purposes, by far and away the most useful portion of their site is The Daily Plate. Here, you can find what is arguably the largest collection of easily accessible calorie and nutritional information on the web. Pair this with the LIVESTRONG app as your mobile interface, and it makes an excellent tool for keeping up with your weight loss and nutritional goals. You can enter your meals into the mobile app, which syncs automatically with your online account, making it much easier to meet your calorie restriction goals. Check your online account for easily understood nutritional information.

100 Pushups
When it comes to staying in shape, there are as many theories are there are different exercises. But most people agree pushups are one of the best, and most overlooked, exercises on the planet. In this app, we get the KISS principle. Pushups are simply one of the best exercises for building strength, fine muscle control, and body awareness. Yet, how many people can do 100 consecutive pushups? I personally know several people who can bench press more than their body weight, but can’t manage even 50 straight pushups. This app tests you for your capability, then sets up a mobile plan for achieving that goal. It even shows the correct form for a pushup. All of this in a handy, easy to use app. Golden.

Nike+ GPS
The original Nike+ app included GPS functionality through a dongle worn on (or in) your shoe. However, Nike quietly released a newer version in mid 2010 that provides accurate run distances using the iPhone GPS feature. It also logs your run, estimates calories burned, and includes social media functions that allow for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. For GPS functionality, its pretty barebones, but there’s a certain beauty in simplicity.

These three simple apps are great tools that have helped propel me toward meeting, and maintaining, my weight loss and fitness goals. Of all the apps I’ve tried, I find myself consistently coming back to these three for their straightforward combination of simplicity and convenience.

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