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Why I Need to Outsource My Fitness and Nutrition


Last time I wrote about being on the Anabolic Diet. Granted I didn’t give it a long time to actually work – this is because my most recent BodPod results were not positive.

My Recent BodPod Results

On October 6th I had my third BodPod test. My 2nd test had gone in the right direction. I went from 23.8% (May 2011) body fat to 18% (July 2011) body fat in 3 months. However, my test on October 6th, 2011 saw my body fat go to 21.9%. Better than my May results, but certainly not in the right direction. It was definitely time to re-evaluate my whole program and get some dedicated outside help.

Two Key Products for a Strong Foundation for Fat Loss

Over the past two years during my fat loss and fitness journey I have pretty much done my own research using the internet and the various strategies that I have come across. That includes doing exercise routines such as the 5/3/1 Program and Max-OT. It also includes trying nutrition programs such as Intermittent Fasting and just plain old low carb / low calories stuff.

I know for certain that I got started on the right foot with this research. In fact, there were two main programs / ebooks that got me off on the right foot and were responsible for the majority of my initial loss of approximately 40 pounds of fat.

The first was Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss program. This book taught me the true fundamentals of fat loss, how it works, and what is the quickest way to lose a great deal of fat quickly. It is by no means easy as it is very low calorie with high protein, but it works IF you do it exactly as laid out in the book. This book will get anyone with a lot to lose off on the right foot. As the pounds went away, it became more and more motivating and has allowed me to continue focusing on getting in better and better shape. It is the first book of two that I would recommend that people interest in fat loss pick up. You can pick up the book here – Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss.

The second book is Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat. Eat Stop Eat is an intermittent fasting method where two times per week you do a 24 hour fast. Essentially, you have your last meal of the day around 6:00 pm and then don’t eat again until 6:00 pm the next day. It sounds hard at first, but as you do it it gets easier and easier. This taught me how to control hunger and made me realize more than anything that I didn’t need to eat as much as I thought I did. It was also an easy way to control calories, which at the end of the day is most important. It is the second book that someone interested in fat loss should pick up. You can get Brad’s ebook here – Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat.

Outsource BOTH Fitness and Nutrition


However, I got to a point where I lost the bulk of that easy to lose fat and it started to become harder and harder to do so. As I mentioned earlier, I was not seeing the results I wanted to see as I continued on with my current protocols (fitness and nutrition). I am getting a little older so the results are not as easy to come by. Fat does not “melt” off as quick as I want and it seems that the little details are becoming more important. As such, with the eye-opening results from the BodPod going the wrong way, I realized I needed some extra help. I sought outside help and am know listening to my fitness coaches and nutrition coach.

I have been working out at a place in Calgary, Alberta called 2110 Fitness. This facility has been great as it has opened my eyes to a fun and dynamic way to train using both metabolic conditioning and lifting. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s I train with Christopher Campbell (owner and trainer) and Curtis McGorman (trainer) who run sue through circuits that are different every day but include things like tire flips, TRX movements, push presses, skipping, airdyne sprints, etc. I do this with a pretty regular group of people and we all push each other through it.

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday I used to do things like the 5/3/1 program or Max-OT. However it was clear these programs were not working for me so Chris was good enough to put a program together for me focused on hypotrophy but that worked with the metcon work I have also been doing. The program is great and I look forward to the results.


As discussed earlier, I did fine on the nutrition front as I went from the really fat to in better shape with less fat. However I was still holding fat and the results were not coming as quick as they did at first with programs such as Rapid Fat Loss and Eat Stop Eat. I have tried all sorts of other programs such as other Intermittent Fasting protocols, Paleo, and the most recent Anabolic Diet.

The trouble was not the programs. Given the time and the discipline I know these programs would work as there are many others who have seen success with them. The trouble was me and discipline. It has become clear that I need structure and someone basically telling me how to exercise and what to eat. This takes the guess work out it for me and the feeling there maybe something better for me that I should try.

As a result of all of this, I am now relying on the gym and trainers at that gym to guide all my exercise selections (all included in my monthly membership). I no longer need to think about what program is best and will leave it in the hands of the experts. I am also relying on my nutrition coach (more on that later) to devise my eating program, including the meals and calories I consume. This allows me to focus on my job and family, while my coach works and plans my meals that are focused on good performance in the gym and body recomposition.


It is clear to me now that too much information is a problem for me. I am very analytical person who given the choice, will constantly analyze things and feel that there may always be something better. With my coaches and trainers I now that they will guide me in the right direction. Yes it costs extra, but I am confident that I will be able to report good results from my next BodPod test coming up in December.


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