Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Wii EA Sports Active Workout Programs


Strength trainingI am a very active user of the Wii EA Sports Active program. I love how it makes working out fun and interesting again and really motivates me to keep going on my journey to improved fitness and weight loss. As an active runner and bike commuter, I get my fair share of cardio exercise so I wanted to start to focus my use of the Wii on building some additional strength training into my program.

Now before I get into describing the actual routines I have developed, let me emphasis that in no way way am I under the delusion that I am going to build huge muscle mass using the Wii. However, as I have not been doing any strength training in the past the addition of some strength training is a welcomed addition. I have already noticed some tightening and additional toning of my muscles so it must be doing something! I simply want to continue with that.

In a future post I plan to outline my weekly workout schedule that I use to help lose weight and get in shape. Part of that weekly schedule will now include a more integrated use of the Wii and EA Sports Active program. Here is what my program is going to look like, three times per week:

Strength / Toning
Alternative Biceps Curls with Shoulder Press x 3

Alternative Biceps Curls with Upright Row x 3

Lateral Raise x 2

Front Raise x 2

Back Row and Triceps Extension x 3

Lunges (various) x 2

Squats x 1
Running Choose One x 2

My plan is to do this before I go to work in the morning so that I do it on an empty stomach to ensure I am burning as much fat as possible. I will keep you up to date on my progress and how I adapt the program over time.

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